The #1 reason kids choose to refrain
from illegal substance
use is because
they don’t
want to
disappoint their parents.

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Why Are Abstinence Contracts Effective?

  • Teenagers believe that they have absolute power and control over their world. When they work with you to develop a contract, they generally sign it out of a sincere belief that they are in control of their chemical use.

  • A formal contract helps to clearly define your mutual expectations for abstinence from illegal substances, and outlines consequences for chemical use.

  • Once the contract is initiated, any chemical use brings your child into violation of the contract and into conflict with their choice to use an illegal substance.         

  • If they are able to refrain from chemical use, the contract has worked.

  • If they are unable to refrain from chemical use, then the contract works by revealing their denial about chemical use.

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