Jump start action

  Make an appointment with
your teen’s physician


Contact the EPS Chemical/Mental Health Coordinator

Contact the Edina Schools
Chemical and Mental Health Coordinator at 952-826-3028
to discuss options and get advice.

This is a confidential exchange.
All information will remain private between you and the
Chemical Health Counselor.

If You Suspect Your Child is Using Alcohol or Other Drugs

You are faced with a painful and scary reality that many parents are not ready for, or equipped to deal with. The feelings you have may be intense or overwhelming. It is important that you do not allow your feelings to cloud the decision-making process.

This is a time for you to carefully plan your response to your child’s possible chemical use and take positive action.

At this point, many parents ask, “What do I do now?”  You have several options. Click on each option for more information.

  1. Do nothing
  2. Ask your child to submit to a drug test
  3. Get a chemical dependency evaluation for your child
  4. Enroll your child in a drug/alcohol education program
  5. Seek more information
  6. Create or join a support group
  • Study these options and rate them from 1-6 in your mind.
  • List the reasons you believe the top options are most favorable.
  • List the reasons you were not attracted to the least favored options.
  • Take action!

PDF of Toolkit