Trust your instincts

If you suspect or
have evidence that something is wrong,
it probably is.
You don’t need
“proof” to
take action.

Contact the Edina Schools Chemical and Mental Health Coordinator at 952-826-3028
for consultation to discuss options and get advice.

This is a confidential exchange. All information will
remain private.

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Signs of Substance Use

Parents of teens see their children changing in many ways and ask what is "normal" teen behavior?

Evaluate your teen on a daily basis from a health perspective just like you did when they were younger. 

For example, if you notice a change in energy level, go through a mental checklist with questions such as:

  • How many late nights and early risings? 
  • Have they been missing meals?
  • Have they got a fever or earache?
  • Are they complaining of any pain?

After eliminating issues like above, review the following lists for signs of substance use:

Bullett Physical Signs
Bullett Behavioral Signs
Bullett Other Indicators
Bullett Red Flags - indicating your teen needs immediate help

Depression and anxiety can play a major role in substance abuse. More info.  

PDF of Toolkit