8 Great Ways to Keep Youth Safe

  • Clearly tell your children (every time they go out!) your expectations that they not use illegal substances. Statistics tell us that the #1 reason kids choose to refrain from illegal substances is because they don’t want to disappoint their parents.
  • Talk to your children in advance about situations that may arise around alcohol, drugs and tobacco.
  • In order to remove themselves from uncomfortable situations, give your children permission to use you as their “scapegoat” to their peers.
  • Offer your children a safe ride home if they are ever in a situation that threatens their safety. Assure them that no questions will be asked until you can have a calm and caring discussion regarding that situation.
  • Tell your child you will be checking up on their plans, and then do it....'truth through verification.'
  • Remove or keep alcohol in a locked area of your home to avoid temptation for your children or your children’s friends.
  • Get to know your children’s friends and their parents. Kids have a hotline of communication....develop a network among parents, as well.
  • Establish clear sleepover a rules or ban sleepovers altogether. Teens will often spend the night away from home if they plan to use illegal substances.
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